Monday, May 2, 2011

Kill the Gym Zombies!

Have you seen them? Are you one of them? We must conquer them if we’re to survive...

Here’s how to spot ‘em: they trudge in, unconsciously plopping on the same cardio machines and working out at the same average pace, staring transfixed at the screens in front of them. They do the same rote weight machine routines, rarely varying from their well-trodden course. They lumber out, often disappearing after a month or two at this plodding pace. Even though they’re zombies, we miss them.

It’s no wonder zombies don’t see any difference in the way they feel and look - there’s no difference in the way they exercise day to day. They’re bored and so are their bodies and brains. The changes that can be noticed at the start of a fitness and health resolution are not happening anymore, because there’s not enough change in the workout. If you can do it easily, something really needs to change.

MissFit fights the zombies with every fitness weapon – cardio, strength, core, interval, balance and flexibility training - mixed up in varying concentrations, to give workouts a needed jolt. Change it up each workout or each week and you stimulate muscle development and brain/body connections, boost your heart rate or increase your endurance, burn more calories in a shorter time period and avoid the boredom that leads to zombie-ism.

The expertise and guidance of an experienced personal trainer like MissFit (me) is indispensable to give variety and progression to your workouts, so you see and feel progress. I can also teach you how to workout more consciously and effectively on your own.

When you kill the boredom and the zombies, you bring new life back into your body.